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What is Himalayan Margarita Salt? Tips & Ideas To Use It

Margarita Salt

Margaritas are very popular cocktails around the world. The sweetness of liqueur, the tanginess of lime with the bursting flavor of tequila make the classic margarita a flavorful drink that is liked by many people. To enhance the flavor of the margarita and lift up its presentation, margarita salt is used. Let’s find out more about this salt and how to make and use it.

What Is Margarita Salt?

It is a medium to large-grained salt that is usually used for crusting the edges of a margarita glass while serving. This zesty garnish not only enhances the flavor of your margarita but also complements its tangy and sweet taste. It decreases the bitterness and amplifies the sweetness and sourness that makes the margarita more enjoyable. Now the question is which salt is perfect for salting margarita glasses.

Amplify the flavor and garnish of margaritas by salting the rims of margarita glasses. This salt balances the flavor of margarita and gives it a new dimension of flavors.

What Kind Of Salt For Margarita?

Kosher salt and sea salt have been used as margarita salt because of their large granular crystals. Sea salt is a good option for making flavored margarita salt because of its intense salty flavor. We will discuss flavored margarita salt later in this article.

Due to its increased population and its amazing color and crystals, Himalayan salt has become a new favorite of all margarita lovers. Rosy-colored Himalayan salt makes your margarita more attractive and its perfect crystals give the right crunchiness to your drink. The crunchiness given by right-sized salt grains gives a very nice mouthfeel when drinking the margarita. It instantly gets dissolved and mixed with the margarita to give you a more intense taste.

Edible pink Himalayan salt gives such a subtle saltiness to the drink that balances the sweetness of fruity margaritas. You can use any grain size you like for your margarita but medium grain Himalayan salt which is easily available in square grip jars, cardboard box, and PET shakers is best for salting the margaritas.

Himalayan margarita salt is not only perfect for margaritas but can also be used for all other dishes. You can add this salt to almost any food such as meat, seafood, stews, sauces, salads, and fruits. You can find Himalayan margarita salt easily in the market with different variations of flavors or can easily make it at home by following the recipe given below.

Himalayan margarita salt is the best for salting your margaritas, cocktails, and tequila. It has the perfect color, grain size, and texture to compliment your drinks.

How To Make Margarita Salt?

We are going to share a classic margarita salt recipe to salt the rims of margarita glasses!

The traditional margaritas call for salt or sugar for rimming the glass. Margaritas with a hint of saltiness and sweetness really enhance the flavor of the drink. Opt for more subtle flavored coarse-grained salt for the margarita that won’t change the balance of flavors of the drink.

This recipe uses Himalayan pink salt which has a subtle flavor infused with naturally occurring minerals to make your margarita salt more beneficial.

So let’s get started.

Ingredients You Need

1/4 cup pink salt
1/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon freshly grated lemon zest

Mix all these ingredients well and your margarita salt is ready to be used.

Flavored Salts

Flavored margarita salt is simply the salt with different flavors added to it. You can find a variety of flavored salts such as chilly, lime, mint, coconut, or vanilla in the market. You just need to choose the right flavor salt to compliment your margarita. Margaritas and cocktails both go really well with flavored margarita salts. Flavored salts temper the bitterness and make the sweet and sour flavors more clear and easily detectable by your taste buds.

Let us share with you another very quick recipe of lime-flavored margarita salt. For this recipe, you need to soak 1/4th cup of Himalayan salt crystals in 1 ½ tablespoon freshly grated lime zest overnight. The essence and tang of the lime zest will get infused into the pink rock salt to give you a flavorful margarita salt. Salt and lime complement the margarita so well that you will feel the difference instantly.

How To Salt A Margarita Glass?

It is an extremely simple procedure. you need some water or lemon or lime juice (optional, if you like more tanginess), a plate, or cutting boards. Spread the already made margarita salt on the plate or cutting board, then dip the rim of the glass in juice and then on the salt to evenly spread it around the rim. To further enhance the garnish, you can place a lemon wedge on the rim of the glass.

How Do You Drink Salt Margarita?

Margarita or tequila can be a little bitter so you can cut that bitterness with a delightful salt. Lick the flavorsome salt off the edges of the glass as you drink the margarita. Grab some with your tongue as you drink your margarita and enjoy the flavor combination of lemon, salt, and alcohol. You can either squeeze the lemon wedge into the drink or just keep it as a garnish, that is completely up to you.

Some Extra Tips

Here are some tips and tricks to follow to make the best margarita and enjoy it to the fullest.

Always chill your glass before serving margaritas.

  1. Choose the right flavor of margarita salt to perfectly match your margarita.
  2. Thoroughly wet the rim of the glass with water or lemon juice for proper sticking of the salt.
  3. Do not press the glass straight down into the salt; instead, hold the glass parallel to the salt and roll it sideways, avoiding the inner rim.
  4. Put salt in an open dish for easy spread around the edges of the glass.

Make your margarita salt at home or buy it from the store with different variations and enjoy your drink to the fullest and let us know which flavor of margarita salt you enjoy the most.

Choose the right flavored salt and follow simple tips to salt your margarita glass and enjoy its fully refined taste.


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