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What Are Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses? Benefits, Uses & Tips

Shot Glasses

The culinary world has changed a lot in the past decade. This is due to the continuous efforts of changing the conventional methods of enhancing food experiences. Foodies around the world always look for creative ideas to cook and serve different foods.

When it comes to drinks, everybody wants to have an awesome experience with drinks as well. Using glasses of different designs and shapes for serving drinks is very important to enhance the presentation.

So, if you are looking for a unique way to serve drinks to your guests then why not add a new twist and serve up the drinks in Himalayan salt shot glasses?

These shot glasses are used to serve all kinds of drinks such as tequila, martinis, margaritas, mescals, cocktails, and many more. Let’s find out what these shot glasses are and how they can be your new drinking partner?

What Are Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses?

As the name suggests, these shot glasses are made by carving Himalayan pink salt with hands into the shape of the glass. This salt is obtained directly from the famous Khewra salt mines,  located in Pakistan.

This salt is enriched with minerals in trace amounts that add to the richness of these shot glasses. Himalayan salt shot glasses are pure and natural which is why they are unique and different from normal shot glasses.

These shot glasses are available in small sizes to perfectly fit for shots. Their mesmerizing color ranges from light to dark pink is due to minerals present in Himalayan salt. This color is the most distinctive part of these shot glasses.

These cool shot glasses are perfect for serving classic martinis, cocktails, tropical juices, tequila, and mescals. Get your hands on these glasses to amp up your tequila shot and margarita game.

How To Use These Shot Glasses?

Simply pour your favorite drink in the Himalayan shot glass with a lemon wedge on its rim. If you want your drink to remain cold for a long time then place these glasses in the freezer for some time, before serving the drink.

Features Of Himalayan Rock Salt Shot Glasses

Pink Himalayan rock salt shot glasses are different from regular shot glasses due to obvious reasons. Some of their prominent features are as follows:

  • 100% natural and pure.
  • Naturally antibacterial.
  • Their size is perfect for tequila shots.
  • These salt shot glasses are very durable due to their compact crystalline structure.
  • Transform tequila and mescal shots instantly.
  • Naturally add a subtle salty flavor to your drinks.
  • Can keep drinks cool when stored in the freezer.
  • These glasses have flat bottoms to easily put them anywhere without spilling the drink.

     Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

All-natural Himalayan salt shot glasses are the latest trend in the culinary world. These hand-carved shot glasses are perfect to improve your drinking experience.

Benefits Of Using Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Due to their natural properties, these Himalayan salt tequila shot glasses offer more than just serving your drinks. Unlike regular shot glasses, these salt glasses are not just used for serving the drinks but also provide other benefits. All these benefits are due to their purity and natural characteristics. You can get the following benefits by serving your drinks in these super gorgeous shot glasses.

Adds Saltiness

When you pour your drink in these shot glasses, it takes the natural saltiness of these glasses. The drink becomes slightly salty without adding any salt externally. This saltiness is very subtle and enhances the flavor of your drink.

Adds Minerals

As its main building material is rock salt which is known for its tremendous mineral content, so these glass shots also contain all these trace minerals. When you pour any drink in these shot glasses, all the essential minerals get infused in the drink, increasing its nutritional value naturally.

Enhances Presentation

These unique shot glasses are amazingly beautiful having a very charming shape and color that ranges from light pink to dark pink.

An Amazing Gift

These are fun shot glasses that you can add to your glass collection. These Himalayan salt shot glasses make amazing gifts for birthdays, weddings, holidays, and more.

Cleaning & Care Tips

You do not need to take excessive care of these shot glasses. Himalayan salt can last for a long time and has the ability to kill bacteria through osmosis- a process by which water comes out of bacteria that causes their death or resists their growth.
So you do not need harsh dishwashing agents to clean these glasses. Just rinse glasses after every use with cold water and dry using a paper towel. Then let them air dry in a cool and dry place. Never ever put these shot glasses in the dishwasher.

These amazing shot glasses are easy to clean and easy to store. Just rinsing them with water is enough to clean them due to their anti-bacterial quality.

Bottom Line

So, next time when you throw a birthday, Christmas, or house warming party, start it off by serving drinks in these shot glasses to bring fun and excitement to the party. Stock up your pantry with these glasses and enjoy the best ever drinking experience.


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