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Smoked Salt – Methods, Uses, & Benefits

Smoked Salt

Have you ever tried smoked salt? If you didn’t then you’re missing out on a great finishing salt that can give any dish a rich, smoky taste.  Smoked salt is a type of salt that has been smoked over a fire to give it a similar flavor to a barbecue. It goes well as a finishing touch on steaks and grilled vegetables, and you can also use it in rubs and marinades for meat or fish.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of smoked salt, various methods of making it, and everything you need to know about it. Let’s explore smoked salt together.

What Is Smoked Salt?

In recent years, smoked salt has become more popular among famous chefs, foodies, and vegetarians. Although it’s not a gourmet salt its richness adds a savory and smoky flavor to your food without grilling or smoking.

Sea salt or rock salt that has been smoked to impart smoke’s aroma and flavor is considered smoked salt. Smoked salt gives food a smoky flavor and aroma that brings out the food’s natural flavors. 

The appropriate amount of smoked salt imparts flavor, aroma, texture, and color to your food. 

How To Make Smoked Salt?

Smoked salt is made by smoking regular rock salt or sea salt with natural wood that doesn’t have any bark on it. When you burn any kind of wood to smoke the salt, then the aroma and smoke from the burning wood get into the salt crystals

Many smoked salts take up to 48 hours on average to smoke. You can smoke the salt for a shorter or longer time. Though depending on how strong a smoky flavor you want.

It is not possible to make smoked salt with different types of salt. Using table salt is not recommended because of its small grains. It has less ability to capture and retain smoke on its surface.

Sea salt and Himalayan pink salt are excellent choices because their large grains allow more smoke to stick to the salt and make it more flavorful.

Methods To Smoke Salt

There are three methods to obtain smoke salt:

  1. Cold Smoke Method
  2. Hot Smoke Method
  3. Traditional Method

1. Cold Smoke Method

The most common method to smoke the salt is the Cold smoke method. In this method, you will need to follow the below guidelines;

  • Put the salt in a container or n a tray and then place it in a smoker. 
  • Set the smoker to a low temperature between 70 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • After the salt is in the smoker you can add the wood chips. 
  • Use dry wood chips instead and put them in a smoker box or a foil pouch. 
  • The salt should be smoked for at least 12 hours or longer if you want a stronger flavor of smoke.


It's important to remember that the wood chips shouldn't be soaked in water because that could cause them to fly everywhere.

2. Hot Smoke Method

Hot smoke is another method to make smoked salt. This method is similar to the cold smoke method but the smoker is set to a higher temperature between 200 – 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The salt is put on a tray or other container and then place in the smoker. The wood chips are also put in the smoker, but unlike the cold smoke method but they are first soaked in water. The salt should be smoked for about three to four hours or until it has the flavor you want.

3. Traditional Method

To make smoked salt using the traditional method follow these steps:

  • Place the salt in a pan and heat it until hot.
  • Add wood chips to the pan.
  • Cover the pan with a lid.
  • Let it smoke for about 15-20 minutes.


This method may give less flavor than other methods, but it works if you don't have a smoker.

Tips for Making Smoked Salt

Below are some tips for making smoked salt:

  • You can use different types of salt like sea salt, and Himalayan salt for different flavors.
  • Experiment with different types of wood chips for unique smoky flavors.

What Is Smoked Salt Used For?

Smoked salt is an ideal choice for giving BBQ, stews, soups, marinades, and cocktails an intense smoky flavor. Add a pinch of smoked salt to make sauces and stews flavor smoky. Salt and smoke will enhance the taste of the meat. Using smoked salt as a rub on meat will add mouthwatering flavor without having to grill it over coals.

Uses of Smoked Salt

Benefits Of Smoked Salt 

There are numerous benefits of using smoked salt:

  • Natural And Pure

It is made from natural sea salt and Himalayan salt, and it does not contain any additives or preservatives, making it a natural option for seasoning foods.

  • Healthy Digestive System

It contains minerals and nutrients that are essential for a healthy digestive system. As a result, digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, and acid reflux may be reduced.

  • Reduces Dehydration

Smoked salt contains essential minerals that are beneficial for keeping your body hydrated. These minerals can aid in fluid balance and optimal hydration particularly in hot weather or during physical activity.

  • Healthier Alternative Of Table Salt

Smoked salt is a more natural option than refined table salt which often undergoes heavy processing and contains additives. It retains minerals and trace elements from the smoking process, making it a healthier seasoning option for your dishes.


Smoked salt is a unique ingredient when it comes to elevating your food flavor. It adds a new dimension to your cooking with its distinctive smoky flavor and aroma. 

When you use smoked salt in your cooking, it can help keep your digestion healthy, prevent dehydration, and make your meals tastier and more natural. 


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