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Why Do Pets Need Salt Licks?

Salt licks

Mined from the Khewra salt range, Himalayan rock salt is the purest form of salt containing additional nutrients necessary to maintain good health. This mineral-rich salt is getting very popular for consumption because of its unadulterated and pure nature. This is not only consumed by humans but is beneficial for animals as well.

Himalayan lick salt is becoming a favorite feed additive among farm owners. They prefer to add lick salt to the regular feed of their horses and other cattle. Pets are no exception as they also need proper nutrients for good health.

But the question is, do our pets need Himalayan rock salt?

The answer is yes. Many pets, including rabbits, dogs, and hamsters require a moderate amount of Himalayan salt in the form of salt licks. This builds their immune system, enhances water consumption, and, most importantly, boosts energy levels.

What Is A Salt Lick?

Himalayan salt lick for pets is a small salt block that comes in a distinctive pink or reddish color with a hole drilled through its center. It is a natural source of essential nutrients for your pets in addition to their regular diet. This pure form of salt contains up to 84 trace minerals that provide nutrition to animals.

Furthermore, salt licks are perfectly safe and you don’t have to worry about over-consumption. It’s because the pets only lick salt whenever they need to.

The Himalayan salt licks are relatively harder and compact which means they won’t break off when your pet licks them. Not only that, but these licks are also resistant to weather other than heavy rains, allowing you to place them outside.

The salt licks come in various sizes and shapes depending upon the weight and type of your pet. These licks usually come with holders to attach them near your pet. Make sure that the salt lick spins around freely and is easily accessible by your pet.

You can hang pet salt licks on a rope and tie them to the fence post or on the wall, allowing your pets to lick them with ease. You can also place the salt lick on the floor; however, it’s better to hang it at the “snout height” of your pet.

A pro tip: You should keep the salt lick away from water or rain, as water can easily dissolve the salt.

Himalayan salt lick is the source of essential minerals for your beloved pets. Available in different shapes and sizes that are suitable for all types of small pets.

What Is the Purpose of a Salt Lick?

Pets can have mineral deficiencies that may lead to chronic diseases. In such cases, pets need more than their regular feed. Hence, you would need salt licks for your pets to fulfill their mineral requirements.

Himalayan salt licks can be a great addition to their diet. These mineral salt licks contain more than 84 trace minerals, including magnesium, zinc, selenium, etc. Himalayan salt undergoes minimal processing as compared to other salts, thus retaining the natural minerals’ content.

All these minerals are essential for livestock and home pets. The Himalayan salt lick eliminates the minerals’ deficiency of pets. Not only that, but they are also crucial for the health and strength of your pets. These licks are an amazing source of bioenergetics.

You should know that pet food contains GMO grains and other synthetic preservatives, resulting in your pet’s poor nutrient intake. That’s why adding pure Himalayan salt licks in their diet ensures fluid balance and muscle function.

Other benefits of salt licks include:

  • Reduces stressful behavior of the animals, such as unnecessary chewing or licking.
  • Responsible for a healthier and shinier coat of pets.
  • Regulates electrolytes in an animal’s body, which they lose while sweating.
  • Reduces drowsiness.
  • Aids in increasing the feed intake.
  • Balances body fluids.

A regular diet of pets lacks many minerals that can be given to them in the form of salt licks. This mineral-rich addition to their diet can help to maintain their body fluids, balance electrolytes, and reduce drowsiness and stress.

Are Salt Licks Good For Rabbits?

You must be wondering, do rabbits need salt licks? The answer lies in the type of food you give them. Does your pet’s food contain the desired amount of salt to function its body properly? By the way, rabbits quickly respond to sodium and potassium depletion.

You need to buy salt licks for rabbits if their food doesn’t contain enough salt. An important factor is that rabbits have a well-maintained mechanism to control the salt amount within their bodies. It means they can remove the excess salt from their body through feces and urine.

One thing to note here is that you should be well-aware of your rabbit’s health condition, such as heart disease. If there isn’t an issue, salt licks are healthy for rabbits.

Do Hamsters and Dogs Need Salt Licks?

Many pets require sodium to maintain a healthy immune system and body fluids. However, rats don’t need a special salt lick, as they can get the required salt from their regular diet.

Too much salt is not good for hamsters but generally, it is safe for them. You can give Himalayan salt licks to your hamsters because of their pure and mineral-rich nature. They do not need much salt but they do like to play with the licks. They are very active animals and require stimulation. So, hanging salt licks in their habitat can help give them some stimulation. It is safe if they lick some of the salt but make sure they do not eat much.

For dogs, Himalayan salt licks help in the movement of nerve impulses through the body cells. Not only that, but the salt helps in regulating the acid balance within cells and maintaining cell hydration, known as osmotic regulation.

Many people make the grave mistake of sprinkling table salt on top of their dog’s food. Table salt is not a recommended choice to add to your pet’s diet The Himalayan salt licks are an unprocessed substitute for table salt. The high mineral content helps maintain electrolyte balance, lower blood pressure, stimulate blood circulation and facilitate digestion.

These salt licks also help reduce the boredom of dogs while giving them the nutrients they require. Make sure to give them a limited amount of salt as excessive consumption can be bad and dangerous.

Himalayan salt licks are suitable for all pets like dogs, hamsters, and rabbits in limited quantities to regulate their health. These licks can be given to different pets according to their needs.


Himalayan salt licks are the purest form of salt containing numerous minerals necessary for your pet’s health. Do you know 57% of people around the world own pets and consider them a part of their families. These pets need proper care and nutrition in addition to your unconditional love. That’s why it’s essential to buy salt licks for your beloved pets, as they need sodium for the proper functioning of their bodies.


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