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Innovative Salt Lamp Placement Ideas

Salt Lamp

Looking for ideas to decorate your place with some inexpensive yet beautiful decoration pieces. Nothing feels more satisfying than decorating your home or office and giving them a fresh and modern feel. If you do not want to spend a hefty amount on the decor of your place and just want to add a new touch then try incorporating some decoration pieces. One such decoration piece is the Himalayan pink salt lamp

The all-natural and gorgeous salt lamps can instantly enhance the overall decor of your place without putting in much effort. Sometimes simplicity adds more value to the décor. This is an amazing low-budget decoration item that can spruce up the decor of your place without spending a fortune.

For a natural ambiance, play around with these alluring salt lamps that are a lot more than just regular lamps. Made with Himalayan salt blocks, these lamps are a piece of perfection. A bulb is fitted inside a large block of pink Himalayan salt that glows when switched on.

Now you must be thinking about where to put a salt lamp to enjoy its beauty. Well, proper placement of these salt lamps is the key to getting maximum advantages. Different Himalayan salt lamp sizes and shapes are available that are suitable for every décor theme and place.

There are endless ways to incorporate these Himalayan salt lamps in your home and even office to add liveliness and classic appeal to the décor. In this article, we will be sharing salt lamp placement ideas for your home and office decor.

Create a tasteful and sophisticated ambiance in your place by incorporating Himalayan pink salt lamps in the decor.

Living Room

This amazing décor item can bring more visual appeal and aesthetics to your living room. Choose the right size for different places in the living area.

A large size Himalayan salt lamp can be placed at a tight corner in your living room. You can place a small to medium size lamp right next to the sofas or near the side tables. Radiate the light inward by placing these salt lamps on the center table and shelves at different corners of your living room.

You can place salt lamps on the floor near the sitting area. It will provide targeted light around the area and create ambiance.

These salt lamps of varying shades complement any wall color especially white very beautifully. Moreover, display some artwork or family photos, add some plants or flowers, and other aesthetics to complete the revamp of the living room.


Decorate the mantle using salt lamps for a dreamy look. Small Himalayan salt lamps of different crafted shapes can be placed on the entryway or the mantle. You can even place many lamps on the sides of the hallway where subtle illumination is required.

Near TV

A very suitable place for a salt lamp is near the TV. Placing a Himalayan salt lamp beside the TV can minimize the contrast in the darkroom. Watching television with a salt lamp beside it may reduce eyestrain. Also, these lamps reduce the effects of electromagnetic rays emitting from the TV, thus cleaning the air.

Complete the decor of your living room, mantle, and entryway by placing pink salt lamps at different locations and enhancing the overall look of these places.


Add a blend of blissful color range and unique shapes of salt lamps to your bedroom décor. The best place for these lamps is right next to your bed on the side table. If the room is very big and you have a king-size bed then two bedside lamps would be perfect to create the balance.

You don’t need to match both the lamps. More specifically, these lamps do not have to be identical in shape. You can choose different figure or natural shape lamps for both the side tables.

However, if you want cohesiveness and sync in the décor of your room then you can use the same salt lamps. These lamps can mix up with every wall and curtain color.

Study Room

Bright lamps with cool white light are the right choice for the study room. But to decrease the strain of bright lights place one or two natural Himalayan salt lamps either on any shelf or on the study table. The subtle glow of these lamps is easy on the eyes and gives a relaxing feel.


Placing these salt lamps in the kitchen is quite tricky. Make sure to place them away from the stove and near the window where sunlight can reach its surface and keep it safe from melting.

You can even place them on the kitchen shelves or the center table. A medium-sized salt lamp right in the middle of the dining table is perfect to enjoy its warm glow.

More than just a regular decorative item, Himalayan salt lamps provide a variety of benefits. These lamps attract moisture from the air along with dust, smell-producing particles, and dander towards their surface. The heat of salt lamps evaporates the water molecules but the foreign particles remain stick to the salt crystals of the lamp. That’s how salt lamps help clean the air around them.

Make these versatile salt lamps a part of your bedroom, study room, and even kitchen to create a classic yet modern look.


Eyestrain, workload, and fatigue decreases focus on work. In this case, warm yellow or orange lights help relax the eyes and senses. So, you can incorporate these salt lamps into the interior of your office.

The dreamy glow and aesthetic design of these lamps can uplift the whole vibe of the office. Their subtle glow is so gentle on the eyes that it improves the mood.

You can place small lamps on tables in the office. You can even buy USB salt lamps that come with USB ports. You can attach these lamps to your laptop and carry them anywhere.


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