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Mineral Licks

Animal Salt

Check our wide range of Mineral Salt Lick products for your animals that all the top breeders recommend.

What We Offer

Deer Attraction

Horse Licks

Farm Animals

Small Animal Licks

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Saltean offers a complete range of Himalayan Lick Salt for your animal's good health and development.

Deer Attraction

Himalayan Salt Licks help to attract deer and provide a long list of naturally occurring trace minerals essential for their health.

Horse Licks

Give natural and pure Himalayan Salt Licks to your horses for their proper development and growth.

Farm Animals

A supplementary feed additive for the development of your livestock. Suitable for all farm animals including horses, sheep, pigs, cows, and deer.

Small Animals

Give the goodness of salt to small animals with our 100% natural and mineral-rich Himalayan Salt Licks.