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Himalayan Pink Margarita Salt Consumer Pack 0.5 lbs


SKU: S-1362
Weight: 0.5 lbs (250g)
Bar Code: 8500145527940
Master Carton: 12 Pcs



Take the flavor of your margaritas and cocktails to the next level with our all-natural Himalayan Pink Margarita Salt. This crystal salt goes perfectly with all types of drinks.  

Saltean Himalayan Pink Margarita Salt contains 80+ trace minerals and elements that add a healthy touch to your drinks. Our salt is 100% pure without any chemicals and harsh processing due to which its mineral content remains intact. The gorgeous pink colored crystals of Himalayan salt can make your drinks even more appealing.    

Give a modern twist to your cocktail and margarita by sprinkling this salt on top or by pasting it on a glass rim to enhance its look and flavor. Saltean Himalayan Pink Margarita Salt is the most versatile ingredient that is not just great for margaritas but also for cooking your favorite dishes. It is better than table salt which is highly processed and refined. Make this salt a part of the cooking to add saltiness and flavor to your food.