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Himalayan Salt Tiles – Characteristics, Benefits, & Uses

Salt Tiles

Not all tiles are designed for walls, floors, and countertops. The Himalayan rock salt tiles are one of their kind offering diverse usage and wellness benefits.

These tiles are the blocks of Himalayan pink salt which is a pure salt extracted from the Khewra mines in Punjab, Pakistan. It’s known for its health benefits, courtesy of the traces of naturally occurring minerals, such as iron, calcium, zinc, and magnesium.

Read along to learn about the Himalayan salt tiles, their purpose, usage, and how these are different from ordinary tiles.

What Are Himalayan Salt Tiles?

As the name suggests, the Himalayan salt tiles also known as salt bricks are made with Himalayan rock salt. This rock salt is extracted from the Khewra mines and later carved in the form of bricks and tiles. The Himalayan salt tiles or bricks provide interior beautification with fantastic health benefits and calming effects.

Unlike the regular tiles, the Himalayan pink salt tiles emit negative ions into the environment to counteract the positive ions that the electronics emit in the air. These negative ions are known to offer a positive and calming effect on our minds and bodies and help to minimize anxiety and depression. In addition, these salt tiles increase the production of melatonin hormones to promote sleep.

Also, inhaling these ions clears the air pathways inside the body to treat respiratory issues, asthma, and allergies. Salt inhalation is a process commonly known as dry salt therapy or Halo therapy which is an ancient way to treat respiratory problems.

Characteristics Of Himalayan Salt Tiles

The composition of the salt tiles is the same as the regular Himalayan salt rocks. The salt tiles don’t undergo any post-processing; instead, the manufacturers only cut the salt rocks into tiles of different sizes and shapes and polish them to make their surface plain. For instance, you can have a Himalayan salt tile of 8 x 4 x 1 with four or eight sharp corners. You can even customize the size and shape of these tiles according to your requirement.

One of the most significant advantages of using the Himalayan salt tiles is that they come in natural colors with hues of red and orange. When you insert bulbs in the salt tiles panels, they light up with a warm orange-pink glow.

Tiles made of 100% natural Himalayan pink salt are the unique building material for salt walls, salt rooms, etc. These salt tiles or salt bricks make the interiors attractive and provide wellness benefits.

Uses Of Himalayan Salt Tiles

Read along to learn how to use the pink salt tiles to reap the maximum benefits.

Himalayan Salt Tiles For Walls

You have the following options to construct a Himalayan salt tile wall.

  • Existing wall and the floor – Before constructing the Himalayan salt wall, you should ensure that the editing walls can endure and suppress the salt walls’ weight.
  • Freestanding pink salt walls – You can also construct a wall comprising Himalayan salt bricks independently without any support. However, in such a case, the floor should be robust enough to bear the heavy weight of the salt bricks. For example, you can have salt partition walls in the master bedroom or open spaces.
  • Backlighting – Installing backlighting on the salt walls serves a two-fold purpose. One, it enhances the overall aesthetics, and second, it offers the desired heat to the salt to support the optimal ionization effect. You can use the track, rope, and tube lighting to backlit the salt wall.

Himalayan Salt Floor Tiles

Placing the Himalayan salt tiles on the floor offers a detox effect. When your toes come in contact with the salt tile, it pulls the toxins from your feet in the form of sweat. Similarly, your feet absorb the 84 minerals present in the Himalayan salt to offer the following benefits:

Himalayan Salt Tiles For Salt Rooms

You can create beautiful and functional salt rooms by installing salt tiles in your homes. You can replicate the pink salt caves by using these salt tiles and bricks. You can even use big rectangular salt tiles for building a salt room. 

Sitting in the salt room allows you to relax as you inhale the salty air. In addition, the therapeutic effects of this dry salt therapy help treat airway problems.

Tiles for Salt Caves

Spending time in natural salt caves for treating respiratory issues is an old method. Now, you can use different sizes and shapes of salt tiles to create salt caves in your basement. Also, you can place salt grains or salt chunks within the cave to enhance the negative ions’ concentration within the cave.

Salt Tiles For Cooking/Grilling

You will be amazed to know that these beautiful-looking salt tiles can also be used to cook and grill various kinds of dishes. Yes, you heard it right. These amazing salt tiles can be used for cooking meat, veggies, seafood, and other foods. You just need to follow the instructions for heating and cleaning these tiles when using them for cooking foods. These salt cooking blocks are great for outdoor grilling.

Himalayan Salt Serving Tiles

Not just for cooking, these Himalayan salt tiles can also be used as serving platters. Unlike other serving plates, these salt tiles are all-natural. You can serve both hot and cold foods on these salt blocks.

These multipurpose salt tiles are great for building salt walls, salt rooms, salt caves, and salt floors. Not just that, you can even use them for cooking and serving food.


The Himalayan pink salt bricks are available in different sizes that you can use for interior design. Besides being an elegant addition to your home, the Himalayan salt tiles with backlighting offer health benefits more than the regular tiles.

From installing the Himalayan salt tiles in the master bedrooms to the living room, and open spaces, you have endless options to decorate your home and ensure the health and wellness of your family members. Alternatively, you can also construct a dedicated salt room or cave within the house where you can relax after a hectic day at work.


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