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Different Himalayan Salt Products From Pakistan

Himalayan Salt

Can you imagine your food without a pinch of salt? We mostly know salt for being a flavoring ingredient in our daily meals. It enhances the taste of every dish and makes it more appetizing. Out of all the salts available in the market, Himalayan pink salt has gained so much popularity in recent times. This is all because of its unique structure and various properties that make it a part of many health and wellness products. You will find dozens of pink salt products in the market that make it useful in many different ways. Let’s take a look at some of the most used Himalayan salt products along with their uses and benefits.           

Edible Himalayan Salt

The first and most important use of Himalayan salt is for culinary purposes. Himalayan pink salt is the purest form of salt as it is extracted and found from centuries-old salt mines. Almost 250 million years ago, this salt was formed and remained trapped beneath the earth’s crust due to massive geological changes on Earth. This ancient rock salt was formed gradually over a long period. 

It is found near gigantic mountain ranges of the Himalayas. This mountain range stretches from the Himalayas in Nepal and passes through our neighbor country India and ends in the North of our beloved country Pakistan. These salt mines are situated at the foothills of this glorious Himalayan mountain range, hence giving it the world-famous name of Himalayan pink salt.

This salt has been used for edible purposes for ages. It has become an alternative to the common salt that is highly processed. Edible Himalayan salt is also popular because it has more than 84 trace minerals and elements vital to human health and Wellbeing.

These two salts have the same composition but Himalayan salt has a slightly higher amount of minerals in it like potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. The pink color of this salt is due to the presence of iron in it. Because of this, it is used as a finishing salt to add a beautiful look to the presentation of any food.

The Himalayan Pink Salt is easily available in different grain sizes to meet specific needs. Sprinkling it over steaks or veggies can instantly enhance the flavor and presentation. Use it while cooking meals or sprinkle on a top of foods using shakers or glass grinder.

Known for its high mineral content and therapeutic properties, the pink salt can be used for various purposes other than cooking. Besides giving a healthy controlled supply of necessary minerals and nutrients to the human body, it can remove toxins from the body through detoxification.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Block 

Do you just know about the use of Himalayan salt for seasoning the food? If yes, then let us tell you about the Himalayan salt cooking block that is used for cooking and grilling food on it. 

This is a solid slab of Himalayan rock salt of different styles. The extra minerals in Himalayan salt give these blocks a pink color. Large slabs of the Himalayan rock salt are shaped into a huge range of sizes. It can remain on high heat for a long time. This block can be heated in the oven or on the stove and used to cook many foods. The Himalayan salt blocks also serve as platters for a variety of hot or cold meals.

Himalayan salt plates/blocks are used to cook and serve different foods. These blocks can conduct heat at high and low temperatures that is why they are ideal for cooking and serving meats, seafood, and desserts. These blocks are oven-safe and can be used for baking cookies, pizzas, and meat.

You can even chill the Himalayan salt blocks to serve the cold dishes and desserts. These incredible and versatile salt blocks can be used to serve sushi, melted cheese, chocolate, ice cream, or sorbet.

Himalayan pink salt is mostly used for seasoning and flavoring meals. Other than that, large blocks of Himalayan salt are used for cooking, grilling, and serving foods.

Pink Himalayan Bath Salt

Many Experts say that Himalayan salt can generate negative radical atoms in the air and create a type of calming effect. Many people who experienced a Himalayan salt bath found it soothing and relaxing.

Some people also use Himalayan salt lamps for more wellness benefits. This salt also has many positive properties which are helpful to treat skin problems like eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

These Himalayan salt baths are a good way to treat acne in those areas of the body where it is hard to reach like the back or shoulders. Also, bath salt can reduce scaling, redness, and irritation on the skin and soothe insect bites.

Himalayan Salt Bricks

The Himalayan salt bricks are made of pink Himalayan salt. The large blocks of Himalayan salt are shaped and polished into small tiles or bricks of different sizes. These salt bricks come in different colors from pink to orange and red. All these beautiful shades make the bricks more attractive to be a part of the interior of your place.

Due to the changing trends, people keep on looking for some unique and trendy ideas to make their interiors more promising and appealing. Himalayan salt tiles are for those people who want to create an impact with their décor.

These bricks are ideal for constructing salt rooms and salt caves. These bricks can also be used to build salt floors and walls in homes, offices, spas, and wellness centers.

Due to Himalayan salt’s wellness benefits, it is used in spas and wellness centers for constructing salt rooms, salt walls, and for drawing salt baths.

Himalayan Lick Salt

The Himalayan mineral licks are very useful for farm horses and ponies and other pets who are unable to bite chunks off the block so soft pressed salt licks are given to them. These salt licks are weather-resistant and can be placed outdoors for your farm animals.

Horses like them more than other salts so farm animals and pets prefer these Himalayan salt licks to other salt licks. For a long time, the farmers have provided Himalayan salt licks to their cattle, horses, and other animals to encourage their healthy growth and development.

A single Himalayan salt lick provides a bunch of minerals to animals to supplement their nutrition at a secure scale by ensuring that they get enough minerals in their diets.

Pets, farms, and wild animals can equally benefit from Himalayan salt licks that are an ideal source of minerals for them.


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