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Guide on Himalayan Salt Massage Balls

Himalayan salt massage balls

Do you want to relax and relieve yourself from tension and stress? Since you are here, we take it as a yes.

If you want to heal yourself spiritually and physically then Himalayan salt balls are here to help you. These salt balls or stones offer an organic and affordable solution to boost your energy by relaxing your mind and body. Moreover, Himalayan salt is well-known for its healing properties and has been used in relaxing therapy since ancient times.

Forget about the massaging creams full of chemicals and other treatments involving machines. Instead, opt for earthy ingredients like Himalayan salt massage balls to feel connected to your roots.

What Are Himalayan Salt Massage Balls?

As the name suggests, the salt balls are made of Himalayan rock salt that comes from the Khewra salt mines, located in Punjab, Pakistan. Pink Himalayan rock salt is one of the purest forms of salt, hand-extracted from the mines. The salt balls are known for their mind and body healing properties.

These massage balls made with Himalayan pink salt are an all-natural way to release all the negative energies and relax your body.

Himalayan Salt Massage Ball Benefits

You can use the Himalayan salt balls in both cool and hot forms because of their versatile benefits.

  • Warm Salt Stones – Soothe your body by offering a relaxing massage and relieve muscle soreness and other pains.
  • Cold Stones – Used for advanced athletic care to minimize inflammation, owing to the energy and minerals present in the Himalayan salt.


These salt balls have become synonymous with self-care. They can tone up your muscles by soothing tension and aid in stimulating reflex zones. In addition to that, your body absorbs the minerals to reduce joint pain, muscle inflammation and exfoliate your skin.

Improve Blood Circulation

The Himalayan salt balls ensure better blood circulation by stimulating the blood vessels.

Natural Detoxifying Agent

The Himalayan salt ball aids in detoxifying your body and skin. It sucks out all the negative energies and toxins from the body.


You should know that Himalayan salt stones/balls resonate at the same frequency as the Earth. That means, it creates a counter effect to the artificial wavelengths coming from the electronic devices, including TV, laptop, refrigerators, etc.

All you need to do is hold the Himalayan salt stone in your hands while reading a book, relaxing, or watching TV to unwind after a hectic day.

Healthy Skin

You can massage a wet Himalayan salt ball on your body after a shower to replenish minerals that your skin has lost over time. We all know that Himalayan salt contains around 84 minerals essential for a healthy body and skin. You can use coconut oil, jojoba oil, or water to wet the stone and rub it all over your body, and then thoroughly wash with water.

It increases blood circulation and escalates the absorption of oxygen in the skin cells. It also helps to increase the elasticity of the skin. This works the same way as a pink Himalayan salt bath infused with minerals and essential oils.

Neutralize Bacteria and Germs

Do you know you can neutralize bacteria and other harmful microbes on the skin? All you need to do is keep the Himalayan salt stone in your purse or pocket as an antibacterial agent.

Instead of using alcohol-based sanitizers, you can use a Himalayan salt stone as an organic option.


We all are well aware of the harmful effects of chemicals present in anti-precipitants and deodorants. As a safe alternative, you can use Himalayan salt stones to combat odor-causing germs and bacteria. Just wet the salt stone and apply it under the arms and other desired areas. After that, you can dry off your body using a towel.

Himalayan Salt Spiritual Properties

Himalayan salt ball treatment calms your nerves and ensures your peace of mind. In addition, the magnetic properties of the Himalayan salt play a spiritual role by helping you attract positive energies from the universe. Not only that, these salt stones minimize negative vibes by creating a positive aura around you.

From relaxing the muscles to improving blood circulation and skin texture to deodorizing the body, the benefits of Himalayan salt massage stones are countless.

How To Heat Himalayan Salt Massage Stones?

You can place a dry salt stone in a small baking sheet and place it inside the oven to heat at 200°C. Alternatively, you can warm salt stones in a pan over a regular stove burner. You can also wrap the salt stone in a towel and heat it in a microwave oven for 30 seconds.

However, you should know that salt stones heat quickly on a stove. So, avoid overheating these stones and apply warm, not hot salt stones on your body to feel a warm sensation. Using a hot stone can cause severe burns on your skin.

How To Use Hot Stones For Massage?

You can use hot stones after a standard Californian or Swedish massage. You can place the warm salt balls all over your body, except the face, to reduce muscle tension. The hot stones relax tired back, shoulders, and neck.

You can also use a combination of Himalayan salt balls and essential oils to calm your nerves while massaging your body. This way, you can establish a deep connection between your body and soul and forget worldly tension and stress.

Rolling your feet on the warm-up balls also helps in reducing pain. Moreover, if you have stomach cramps or discomfort, you can place warmed salt balls on your stomach with a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus essential oil. These oils have cooling and anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce pain.

Heat the salt stones in the oven or over the stove until they get reasonably warm. Then place them on the body except for your face and let them do their work.

Final words

It’s a fast-paced era where we are surrounded by tech gadgets and other electronic devices all the time. The magnetic field of these electronics disrupts our internal body processes, making us feel stressed and tired. Instead of spending hundreds of bucks to avail spa and massage services, you can use Himalayan salt massage balls as a hassle-free,mess-free, and more effective alternative.


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