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Himalayan Salt Lamp Size Guide

Salt Lamp

Do you want to buy a Himalayan salt lamp for your place and enjoy its soothing therapeutic effects? If yes, then what size and style should you buy?

Read the following Himalayan salt lamp size guide in which we’ll cover pretty much everything you want to know about Himalayan salt lamps, including their health benefits and how to choose the best lamp.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Size Guide

The Himalayan salt lamps consist of large pieces of Himalayan rock salt with a small bulb inside. These lamps offer a soft, warm glow to purify the indoor air quality.

Finding the perfectly-sized Himalayan salt lamp can help purify your environment and instantly alter the atmosphere of your living space. There are few factors you need to take into consideration, including the size of your living space.

According to the Himalayan salt lamp chart, you can find salt lamps ranging in weight from 1 to 50 kg. The effectiveness of the salt lamp does not depend on the size of the lamp. Apparently, a larger lamp will create more glow to illuminate your room and generate more negative ions compared to a small salt lamp because of the large surface area. But choosing the right size of the lamp depends on the area of the room where you place it.

For a small space, a small to medium-sized lamp is sufficient and for a bigger space, an extra large Himalayan salt lamp is perfect.

A small Himalayan salt lamp of around two kilograms is an apt choice for your bedside table, study table, or home office. On the other hand, a larger salt lamp of six kilograms is suitable for the living area or master bedroom.

A universal rule of thumb for Himalayan salt lamp size selection is that one kilogram is sufficient for a 10 square meter area and so on. This way, you can easily measure the size of the salt lamp for the indoor space.

Moreover, small salt lamps are comparatively cheaper, so you can invest in buying them in more quantity instead of buying a larger salt lamp. It means you can place one to two small lamps in the smaller room; however, a larger room requires three to four small salt lamps placed at different corners.

Choose the right size of a Himalayan salt lamp according to the area and place where you want to put the lamp to enjoy its glow and maximum benefits.

Different Styles of Himalayan Salt Lamps

In addition to the size, you can also select a variety of Himalayan salt lamp styles to match the interior of your rooms.

Natural Salt Lamp

As the name indicates, it’s the natural shape of salt lamps with an untouched or unprocessed chunk of Himalayan rock with uneven corners. You can find multiple sizes of natural salt lamps because of the variation in the salt slabs extracted from the salt range.

Crafted Salt Lamp

The crafted salt lamps come in attractive shapes and styles such as pyramids, name initials, heart, football, leaf, angel, and spheres. These lamps are ideal house-warming presents.

Wooden Basket With Chunks

It is one of the most exquisite forms of Himalayan salt lamps because of its mosaic-style casing, making it ideal for modern indoor spaces. The mosaic pattern adds beauty with a soft glow to the surrounding.

Rough Surfaced Lamps

The salt lamps with rough surfaces also have the hygroscopic potential that translates the ability of salt lamps to attract water.

The salt lamp attracts moisture present in the surrounding; however, the heat from the bulb quickly evaporates the water. The water present in the air holds pollutants, bacteria, and other allergens, but these particles attach to the salt lamp when the water dries out. You can simply wipe the lamp with a clean cloth a couple of times a week.

The rough lamps have a relatively higher surface area compared to polished and smooth lamps, thus making them more efficient to enhance the air quality.

Lastly, don’t use LED bulbs inside the salt lamps as they won’t produce the desired heat because heat and salt work together to create the hygroscopic effect.

USB Lamps

These are portable lamps that you can carry with you anywhere. USB Himalayan salt lamps come with a USB port and a bulb fitted inside the lamps. You can easily attach this lamp with your laptop, USB adapter, or PC and enjoy a beautiful and bright atmosphere.

Night Light Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps also function as night light lamps. Switch them on at night and let their subtle glow give you a good night’s sleep. Choose the dark pink or light red color night light lamp because the dark color is more conducive to sleep. Salt lamp’s warm glow can help reduce depressive symptoms as compared to white light.

Other Features to Consider

You should know that natural Himalayan salt lamps are available in various colors ranging from white to light pink and orange-red color and are only made with premium-quality pure Himalayan salt. That’s why you should always check the texture of salt lamps before buying.

Where to Put the Salt Lamp?

The placement of a Himalayan salt lamp is necessary if you want to filter the surrounding air more effectively. Moreover, you can place salt lamps in all the rooms that are frequently used. By the way, it’s essential to place a salt lamp in the room with electronics, especially the TV lounge.

The Himalayan salt lamps offer exceptional performance during winters when it’s not possible to open the windows and doors for cross-ventilation.

You can place Himalayan salt lamps of different shapes anywhere in your home and office where you spend most of your time.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are well-reputed worldwide because of their ability to emit negative ions in the surroundings. This way, these salt lamps create a perfect balance between positive and negative ions, necessary for our wellness and health.

Do you know that our electronics such as television, computers, laptops, smartphones, and other machines are responsible for overloading our surroundings with positive ions, thus depleting our energy? That’s why we feel stressed, tired, and drained at the end of the day.

Conversely, negative ions nullify the negative impact of excessive positive ions, making us feel refreshed and calm. Not only that, but they also minimize air pollution by neutralizing the harmful particles, allowing you to breathe in the pure and fresh air.

In addition to that, the salt lamps help treat respiratory problems and other allergies, ensuring a calm, good night’s sleep. The negative ions promote the oxygen flow to your brain, enhancing overall mental focus and alertness.


Owing to the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, they are accurately termed as the “Vitamin of the Air.”

The primary purpose of the above guide is to enable you to select the accurate size of the Himalayan salt lamp to enjoy its comprehensive health benefits.

Buy them for yourself and your loved ones and enjoy their ethereal glow with benefits. From cleaning the air to reducing symptoms of stress and fatigue, these salt lamps possess numerous benefits.


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