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Himalayan Salt Foot Detoxification Blocks – A Complete Guide

Foot Detoxification Blocks

If you feel sluggish or tired after a hectic day at work, then you need an instant boost for your mind and body. You will be surprised to know that by detoxifying your body, you can feel light and energetic. There are a lot of ways to remove toxins out of your body and one such way is foot detoxification through Himalayan salt footstone.

The Himalayan sea salt footstone offers health benefits by removing impurities and other toxins from the body. Courtesy of the antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and antiseptic properties, the Himalayan salt foot dome is perfect for foot detoxification.

Do you want to learn more about Himalayan salt crystal foot detox blocks? Read along!

Himalayan Salt Foot Detoxification Blocks

Himalayan rock salt comes from the Khewra mines located in Punjab, Pakistan. The naturally-occurring minerals present in the Himalayan salt distinguish it from the table salt. This naturally occurring mineral-rich salt is more than regular salt. This natural salt possesses nature’s goodness that is great for our health and wellness. 

In addition to regulating internal body functions, Himalayan salt is best known for its therapeutic effects. It provides wellness benefits to the mind and body. Himalayan salt is also used for dry salt therapy to reduce the symptoms of breathing problems.

Feet play an important part in your overall health, thus taking care of the feet is utterly important to ensure the stability and physical health of the body. The detoxification effect of the Himalayan salt foot blocks or tiles helps remove toxins from the body to restore mind and body health.

The concept behind using the Himalayan salt blocks is reflexology since different zones of the feet are connected to almost all body parts. It means placing the feet on the Himalayan salt blocks or dome allows the body to absorb the goodness of trace minerals and beneficial negative ions. This way, all the minerals are delivered to the rest of the body via the connected zones present in the feet.

According to some Eastern cultures, toxins dwell majorly in your feet and hands. That’s why using Himalayan salt blocks to detoxify feet removes toxins and other heavy metals from the body via the feet sweat.

Lastly, the skin becomes firm and plump once the toxins are removed from the body, thus offering a relaxing feeling.

The best way to get rid of toxins is detoxification using Himalayan salt footstone. This extracts heavy metals and toxins from the body through your feet making you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Do Himalayan Salt Crystal Foot Detox Blocks Work?

Without a doubt, yes. When you warm a Himalayan salt block, it releases negative ions that offer the following benefits:

  • Anti-microbial response
  • Air purification
  • Skin purification
  • Mind relaxation
  • Settles allergens and dust particles

The negative ions are associated with nature, such as rivers, oceans, and waterfalls. While electronics, such as TV, laptops, and other gadgets, generate positive ions in the surrounding that have bad effects on the mind and body.

Therefore, the negative ions help create a balance within the body by minimizing inflammation and boosting sleep and other brain functions.

As a result, the warm surface of the Himalayan salt foot dome makes your feet sweat to remove the toxins from your body. Not only that, but the skin absorbs the essential minerals for further purification and cleansing from the inside out. The minerals reduce the unhealthy acidity within the body to alleviate aching, lethargy, and other stress symptoms.

In addition to detoxification, the Himalayan salt tiles exfoliate the skin making it soft and hydrated. In addition, the salt binds with the natural moisture on the feet and hands to prevent dry and cracked heels.

Pink Himalayan salt is an excellent natural source of more than 84 essential minerals important to regulate the body’s functionality. Unfortunately, there isn’t any other topical way to absorb these minerals other than placing your feet on warm Himalayan salt blocks.

The crystalline structure of the Himalayan salt blocks open different energy pathways to offer the following benefits:

  • Removes negative energy
  • Ensures a positive aura
  • Enhances and harmonize thought patterns
  • Offers wellness and health

Magnesium and calcium in the pink salt get absorbed by the skin to strengthen the skin, bones, and other connective tissues.

A warm Himalayan salt foot detoxifier removes the toxins and negative energies by making your feet sweat. These foot detoxifiers ease the pain and tissues and relax the body.

How to Use Himalayan Salt Foot Detoxification Blocks?

Lucky for you, you can find different shapes and sizes of Himalayan salt foot blocks in the market. All you need to do is warm two detox salt blocks in a microwave for one minute and 30 seconds and place both feet on the blocks.

You can sip a cup of coffee, read a book or simply close your eyes to relax for 20 minutes while keeping your feet one the blocks. Moreover, you can always reheat the blocks if required.

Alternatively, you don’t need to heat a Himalayan salt detox dome. It’s because the dome comes fitted with a bulb inside. It means you only need to switch on the bulb to heat the salt dome. When the dome lights up, it radiates warmth on the surface.

Lastly, you can always reuse the Himalayan salt blocks if you maintain them properly. You can wipe the block surface using a clean damp cloth to keep it clean. If the salt gets dirty, the toxins can get absorbed into the feet.

A pro tip: It’s better to wash the feet before placing them on the detoxifying block.

Use a salt block by heating it in a microwave oven or a Himalayan salt foot detoxifier by switching on its bulb. Place both the feet on warm blocks and let them do their work in eliminating toxins out of your body.


The key takeaway of the above guide is to emphasize the detoxifying benefits of using Himalayan salt foot blocks. Not only that, but these blocks soften the skin while the warmth of salt allows you to relax by relieving you from day-long stress.

There isn’t anything more blissful and relaxing than placing your feet on warm Himalayan blocks to unwind a hectic week.


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