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Himalayan Rock Salt Crystals Role in Improving Health

Himalayan Pink Salt

The importance of salt in our life is no secret at all. Whether used for seasoning or remedies, salt has its own significance. But not everyone knows that various types of salts are available in the market that can be different from one another based on certain factors.

Most of us are only familiar with one kind of salt and that is table salt which is supposed to be an unhealthy option. But have you ever heard that salt can also be healthy or more beneficial than its regular version?

With this said we are going to let you know about a special type of salt that will affect your health in many positive ways. And that is the mineral-rich “Himalayan Pink Salt”.

Himalayan Salt

It is found in Khewra mines near the Himalayan Mountain range in Pakistan. This salt has some specialties that help to make your food nutritious just by adding it to regular meals. You can sprinkle it or even can cook with it just like any other salt.

The Himalayan pink salt is termed the “white gold” which is said to contain the exact number of naturally occurring minerals that are found in our body. The crystals of Himalayan salt have been matured over the past 250 million years under extreme pressures that resulted in zero exposure to environmental pollution and toxins. This purity of pink salt along with a full spectrum of minerals makes this salt healthy and effective for our body.

What Exactly Is Pink Himalayan Salt?

It is 98% sodium chloride but it contains many minerals in the remaining 2% which include potassium, iron, and calcium. Many types of research show that it has less sodium chloride per teaspoon because this salt comes in the form of larger crystals than regular salt that makes the sodium content low.

Himalayan pink salt has some properties of regular salt with the addition of special qualities that we will discuss further in this blog.

You must be thinking that what are the properties of this pink salt that make it unique? So without any delay let’s dive into the usefulness of this unrefined natural salt.

Out of all the salts available, Himalayan pink salt is said to be the purest and mineral-rich option. Mined from khewra mines, this salt contains naturally occurring elements that increase its nutritional value.

Unique Properties Of Himalayan Crystal Salt

There are many healthy properties of this salt and some of them are discussed down below.

Unrefined Salt

This is the unrefined form of salt that comes with a lot of minerals. There are many myths that salts are not good for the body but not all salts are bad for us. Himalayan salt is full of minerals and has less sodium content that causes no harm to the body when used in moderation. You can easily use it in your cooking. It adds a lot of flavors and is better than refined table salt.

Less Sodium Than Table Salt

As mentioned above, it contains less sodium per gram, so with that said it gives the same taste to food but with less salt used. And that helps your body’s pH level to stay controlled.

Purest Salt On The Earth

Himalayan salt is millions of years old and is found in the purest form as compared to other salts. As a result of spending years with minerals, its color is pink. Moreover, its crystals have absorbed minerals that make it nutritious.

Distinctive Color

Lustrous color ranging from light red to different shades of pink is one of the distinguishing features of Himalayan salt. This color is due to the presence of minerals.

Himalayan salt is different from table salt because of its unrefined nature and less sodium content. It has a distinct color because of its mineral content.

Pink Salt Health Benefits 

The minerals and elements present in Himalayan rock salt make it a better option of salt to be used in food. Apart from that, it has various other uses as well that are due to its immense benefits.

Crystal Salt: A Natural Remedy

Pink Salt is also beneficial for some remedies. People use it for respiratory disorders or for taking bath if they have some allergies. This ancient salt is used for multiple purposes that improve health.

Maintains Blood Circulation And Insulin Levels

Another advantage you get when you cook with this “crystal pink salt” is that it helps you to maintain your blood circulation and control insulin level that prevents a sudden increase in the sugar level of your blood.

Digestive Benefits And Prevention From Disease

A healthy digestive system leads to a healthy lifestyle. This pink salt helps your salivary glands to be more active at the time of consuming food that assists in digesting food properly.

This natural salt helps to reduce acid levels in your body that could cause diseases like cancer. The reduction of acids makes you live a healthy life.

Prevents Dehydration

Staying hydrated is key to good health. Using “Himalayan salt” as a regular salt substitute in your cooking can maintain the fluid amounts in your body and helps your system become hydrated. And when you stay hydrated automatically all the extra fat excretes from your body and you lose unwanted and unhealthy weight.

On top of that, many minerals including potassium help to detoxify your body that leads to a healthier life.

Provides Taste To Foods

Not only healthy but these Himalayan rock salt crystals also add more flavors to your daily cooking. Fine Himalayan pink salt can be sprinkled on food or added while cooking. You can give a beautiful pink color and subtle salty flavor to homemade desserts utilizing this crystal salt. Coarse Himalayan pink salt crystals can be used in grinding mills for sprinkling on top of steaks, salads, or soups.

Not only for seasoning but it also provides the advantage of cooking on pink salt rocks and that bestows your meal with a fine salty mouth-watering texture.

Apart from adding a unique saltiness to the food, this phenomenal salt is said to provide some amazing benefits that include providing hydration to the body, enhancing digestion, and maintaining pH and sugar levels.

In A Nutshell

Himalayan salt is better than regular salt because it’s the purest salt that has spent years with other beneficial minerals and has the natural essence in it. You can use it just like table salt. It is an amazing substitute for white salt but more healthy than that.  

Cooking with this salt can make your food tastier and healthier. You can use it in almost all kinds of foods, or even desserts. It helps to make mouth-watering recipes and comes with many health benefits and also some regular remedies but using it as a remedy you must consult with a doctor first and take his advice in this regard.


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