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Himalayan Rock Salt Candle Holder Benefits, Uses, and Care

Salt Candle Holder

Placing a candle without any base can welcome a disaster. A slight push can make the candle fall over due to which table cloth or curtains can easily catch fire. A sturdy base is necessary to keep the candle safe and waxy residue off of the furniture or other surfaces. 

Different types of candle holders are available in the market that do their job quite well. But if we say that now you can get a candle holder that does more than just holding the candle. Yes, the candle holders made with 100% natural and pure Himalayan pink salt are more than mere candle holders. These salt candle holders also serve as amazing décor items that can suit every décor theme. 

Let’s see why these salt candle holders are different from the traditional candle holders and their other main properties.

What Is A Himalayan Salt Candle Holder?

Unlike ordinary candle holders, the Himalayan Salt Candle Holders, also known as tea light holders or salt votives, are all-natural and unique. These salt holders are hand carved with the Himalayan rock salt mined from huge salt deposits located in Pakistan.

Large salt blocks are carved to make candle holders of different gorgeous shapes and sizes. Since these salt candle holders are almost hand-crafted, don’t expect them to come in a fixed size.

The benefits of salt candle holders make them different from traditional holders. You can add one or more salt votives to your home or office to enhance the overall décor of the place while obtaining health benefits.

Hand-carved from pure Himalayan rock salt, these salt candle holders are available in different shapes and sizes. Their alluring orange-pink color and natural shape make them excellent decoration pieces.

Purpose of Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

The main purposes of these salt candle holders are as follow:

Holder for Candles

As the name suggests, the basic purpose of these crystal rock salt candle holders is to hold the candle in a secure and safe manner without causing any mess. Both votive and tea light candles are safe to place in these salt holders. By placing the candles in these salt holders, you can enjoy an incandescent flicker of the candle along with various natural benefits of these salt candle holders.

Home Décor

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders are unique décor items for your home, office, spas, and wellness centers. You can place them anywhere in your home or office to enjoy their beautiful glow.

These can fit well at the bedside table, dining table, center of a coffee table, shelves, or office table.

Glowing Addition to Any Space

Beautiful color and elegant design, make these salt holders a great glowing addition to any place. Any room can become cozy and comfortable instantly with an orange-pink glow of these salt holders. Their warm glow produced by the flame of the candle within the holder can create a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Candleholders made with pure Himalayan pink salt provide a beautiful glow while holding the candles to avoid any mess.

Where to put Himalayan salt candle holder?

The beauty of pink salt tea light holders is their ability to easily adjust to any interior, from a contemporary to the rustic living room or a classic reading nook.

Living Room

These salt holders can be placed on tables in the living room. For radiating light inwards, you can also perch these candle holders on the living room shelves.

Reading/Coffee Table

Place crystal salt candle holders on the reading table by the side of the chair. You can also place one or more candle holders on the coffee table to see the ambiance they will create in the environment.

Yoga or Wellness Spaces

You will also find these tea light holders in wellness centers, meditation, or yoga spaces for their health benefits.

Himalayan Pink Salt Candle Holder Benefits

These salt candle holders provide various benefits while holding the candles. Salt crystal candle holder benefits are as follows:

  • Hold the candles very well.
  • Exceptional home décor items.
  • Neutralize the air.
  • Create a warm and peaceful environment.
  • Create a subtle glow and a warm ambiance.
  • Remove allergens and airborne particles.
  • Improve the ionic balance of the atmosphere.
  • The candle holders give off calming amber lights in the surroundings.

From home decor to wellness benefits, these salt candle holders are a must-have in your homes and offices. Place them on any surface you like and enjoy their timeless beauty and subtle glow while making your atmosphere clean and relaxing.

How To Use A Himalayan Salt Candle Holder?

There is no rocket science behind using these crystal salt candle holders. You just need to choose the right size of candle holder based on the size of the candle. Simply place the candle in the holder and light it. You can place as many candleholders as you want at one or different places in a room.

How Does Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Work?

The Himalayan salt crystals of the candle holder get warmed by the heat of the candle and start binding the harmful positive ions scattered in the air with the good negative ions. Himalayan salt crystals absorb water along with airborne particles and dirt from the air and evaporate clean water molecules back in the air.

This way, it neutralizes electromagnetic radiation caused by electronics and also reduces airborne particles and allergens. It also helps to remove odor by cleaning the indoor air.

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Care

Taking care of the salt candle holders is very simple and easy. Never place these salt votives under running water as they will dissolve the salt.  Do not use a wet cloth to clean it.  Keep the salt holders away from humidity.

For cleaning, you need a cloth to wipe away any dirt on the outer sides of the candle holder. To remove the wax, first cool down the candle holder and place it in the freezer. After the wax is frozen, it will be easy to remove. It will shrink and fall out very easily. If not, use a butter knife to remove the wax using a very light hand.

Keep Himalayan salt candle holders away from running water, humidity, and wet surfaces. Clean with a dry cloth and keep in a dry place.


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