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Himalayan Salt & Black Pepper Set 0.30 lbs


SKU: S-1256
Bottle: Plastic
Weight: (100 + 20g) 120g
Master Carton: 12 Set
Bar Code: 8500145528176



Enhance the flavor of your food with Saltean Himalayan Salt & Black Pepper Set. It contains our premium quality Himalayan Salt and Black pepper and is packed with care to maintain freshness.

The refillable shaker is already filled and ready to use – includes black pepper and Himalayan pink salt. This unique duo is a useful addition to any kitchen. 100% natural and mineral-rich Himalayan Salt and Black Pepper are perfect to give your food an authentic flavor and aroma. Himalayan Pink Salt is harvested from Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan and enriched with 84 trace minerals and elements. It provides essential minerals to the body along with the benefits of Black pepper.

This stylish and elegant Himalayan Salt & Black Pepper set is enough for kitchen-to-table use! You can easily refill it without any mess and enjoy the saltiness of Himalayan Salt and the aromatic flavor of Black Pepper on top of eggs, meat, fish, salad, and fruits.