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Himalayan Pink Salt Chunks With Grater 2.2 lbs


SKU: S-1354
Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 Kg)
Bar Code: 8500145522990
Master Carton: 6 Pcs


Our all-natural Himalayan Pink Salt comes with a sturdy stainless steel grater to give a unique blend of flavors to your desired foods. With our high efficient Himalayan pink salt chunks with grater 2.2 lbs, you can grate Himalayan salt chunks on your daily cooking and finishing. These delicately flavored chunks of Pink Himalayan salt are mined from rugged salt mountains located in Pakistan, formed by the evaporation of ancient seawater over 200-250 million years ago.

Saltean’s Himalayan Rock Salt is 100% natural and free from additives. It has a natural pink color which is due to its mineral content. It is said to contain up to 84 trace minerals that enhance its nutritional value. Our best quality Himalayan salt is BRC – Kosher – Halal Certified. It is unrefined and produced with so much care. 

This grater gives a fine texture to the salt chunks and adds a nice delicate crunch. You can use it to add salt directly onto salad and soup or in your regular cooking. The subtle saltiness of Himalayan salt can bring out the best flavor in your meals. This Himalayan Salt Chunks and Grater set could be a perfect gift for someone who enjoys cooking.