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Himalayan Pink Salt, Foodservice Bucket 11 lbs


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Saltean offers Himalayan Pink Salt in Foodservice Bucket for use in all types of food preparation and gourmet cooking. Our 100% natural Himalayan pink salt is packed in a plastic bucket for bulk use in food services. This convenient salt bucket can be placed anywhere with ease.

Saltean Himalayan Salt is free from additives and chemicals. It is 100% natural and BRC – Kosher – Halal Certified. It is the purest and best quality salt around. It is unrefined and packed with so much care to preserve its freshness. Rich in naturally occurring minerals and trace elements to give your meals a healthy touch.

Himalayan Salt’s glistering pinkish tinge can be attributed to its distinct mineral composition, making it different from all other salts found on Earth. Himalayan Salt’s unique nutrients and essential minerals offer a range of health benefits for humans, from balanced electrolytes to muscle cramp prevention, pH balance, and more.

This foodservice bucket is filled with Himalayan Pink Salt of different grain sizes ranging from fine, medium, and coarse which is suitable for baking, cooking, finishing, salt-curing, and pickling. Use it for gourmet cooking and mass food preparations to enhance the flavor of dishes. Pink Salt’s delicate texture can be enjoyed atop all kinds of foods.