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Himalayan Pink Salt Cardboard Box


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Himalayan Pink Salt available in the Cardboard Box gives your desired foods a subtle blend of natural flavors along with essential minerals.

Our 100% natural Pink Salt is mined from the salt mines located in Pakistan. This natural salt was formed by the evaporation of the Ancient Ocean over millions of years. This is unprocessed and unrefined to keep its mineral composition intact. We carefully pack this salt by following quality standards to preserve its freshness. The pink color of Himalayan rock salt is attributed to mineral content. Himalayan Pink Salt is rich in a variety of trace minerals that are essential for our health and overall well-being. Himalayan Salt’s unique nutrients and essential minerals offer a range of health benefits for humans, from balanced electrolytes to muscle cramp prevention, pH balance, and more.

Saltean’s Himalayan Salt is available in different grain sizes ranging from fine, medium, and coarse. It can add delicate flavor to a variety of foods such as soups, salads, meat, fruits, and vegetables. This is a high-quality edible salt that is perfect for cooking and finishing.

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