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Himalayan Rock Salt Cubes and Skewers Kabob Set 0.6 lbs


SKU: S-1352
Bar Code: 8500145522686
Master Packaging: 12 Pcs



Rich in trace minerals and elements, the Saltean Cubes and Skewers Kabob Set enriches any meal with the subtle, salty flavor of the Himalayan salt. These cubes are made with pure Himalayan salt chunks that are collected from deep down mountains in Pakistan. Himalayan salt contains many trace minerals that become a part of these cubes and infuse into your food while cooking.

These salt cubes and skewers are ideal for cooking mouthwatering vegan and meat dishes. These salt cubes not only add salty flavor to the food but also make it look presentable. A massive part of these Himalayan Salt Cubes’ charm lies in their naturally occurring irregularities and surface fissures. None of these affect the cooking properties. Each cube’s color and form are unique, and will change under heat and may even develop further surface fissures and depressions.

Why Saltean Himalayan Salt Cubes?  Himalayan salt cubes have amazing antimicrobial properties. We manufacture them with mineral-rich pure Himalayan salt with so much care. These cubes help the kebobs to cook thoroughly and evenly. These salt cubes also act as heat conduits, speeding up the cooking process while enhancing the flavors of your favorite meat and vegetable dishes. These cubes can stand high temperatures and are dishwasher friendly. Don’t need any cleanser or harsh scrubbing.