Himalayan Rock Salt Tequila Shot Glasses


SKU: S-1356
Quantity: 4 Pcs
Bar Code: 8500145523294
Packaging: Printed Box
Master Packaging: 12 Pcs



These exotic shot glasses are crafted from pure Himalayan salt which is harvested from salt deposits found in the foothills of Himalayas. Himalayan salt chunks are pressed to make these glasses due to which they are super stable and can hold a shot of tequila easily.

 Saltean Himalayan Rock Salt Tequila Shot Glasses can pair up with tequila, margaritas, and all other drinks. These shot glasses can transform your margaritas and tequila shots in one go. These could be a perfect gift for yourself to enjoy the tequila in a more aesthetic way.

Give your tequila shot a unique salty touch and tempting look by serving it in these gorgeous salt glasses by Saltean. These are made with Himalayan salt due to which these glasses are also rich in naturally occurring minerals and trace elements.

Unlike other glasses, these are 100% natural and chemical-free. These glasses are naturally anti-bacterial and resist the growth of bacteria that protects them from spoiling. These salt shot glasses can be cleaned and stored easily. You do not need to put extra effort to make them useful for a long time. Simply pour your drink in these glasses along with a lime wedge and enjoy a divine tequila shot.

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