Himalayan Salt Pet Grinder 0.5 lbs


SKU: S-1203
Bottle: PET
Mechanism: Plastic
Grain Size: 2-5mm
Salt: 225g
Master Carton: 36 Pcs
Bar Code: 8500145528312



For mess-free seasoning and finishing of your desired meals, use our Himalayan Salt Pet Grinder that is pre-filled with Himalayan Salt granules. It is built for convenient and flavorful grinding of salt for cooking and seasoning. It has a smooth noise-free grinding mechanism to grind salt on top of soups, salads, steaks, fruits, and vegetables. It can be easily refilled and cleaned due to its wide opening.

Made with durable plastic and efficient grinding for easy use. Just push and twist to add the subtle flavor of Himalayan Salt to your dishes. Himalayan Salt is BRC- Kosher – Halal Certified and available in its raw natural form. It contains up to 84 trace minerals and elements that provide many health benefits. Sprinkle Himalayan Salt sparingly on the dishes to add saltiness and subtle flavor using this easy-to-use Grinder.

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