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Himalayan Rock Salt Brine Egg


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Saltean’s Himalayan Rock Salt Brine Egg is made with the purpose of flavoring and tenderizing your poultry and turkey inside out. It is 100% natural made with pure Himalayan salt to give your meat a delicate flavor and saltiness. It is available in 1 lbs (500g) , and 2.5 lbs (1 Kg) to best fit both poultry and turkey. It tenderizes the meat naturally by keeping it moist and chewy. Saltean Himalayan Rock Salt Brine is a multi-use product. It can cut the cooking time. You can use it for brining and reduce the cooking time by half.

This Brine Egg is naturally antimicrobial and easy to clean. It can hold high temperatures due to its compact shape and crystalline form. Just make sure to use it with caution when removing it before serving.

So forget about dry and hard meat and use Saltean’s Himalayan Rock Salt Brine Egg to make juicy and tender meat in the easiest 1 single step.

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For Poultry, For Turkey