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About Us

Dedicated To Sharing Authentic & Premium
Himalayan Pink Salt Products

SALTEAN™ is the fastest-growing Himalayan Pink Salt company with a portfolio of premium retail brands such as Chef Secret, Wellness, Body Care, and Mineral Licks. SALTEAN™ is a compound word of “SALT” & “EAN” formed from the idea of people who consume salt. The secret to our growing success is our devotion to sharing only the best with our customers. We develop Himalayan pink salt products, not for the profits but the overall well-being of our customers.

The objective is to provide the finest quality Himalayan Pink Salt Products to everyone within easy reach. We have a vast range of products catering to edible and wellness purposes. We want to make everyone aware of the health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt that can be achieved by incorporating a variety of natural Himalayan salt products into daily life. We are continuously striving to meet changing needs of our customers by providing innovative salt products.


Our Vision

To Be A Premium Brand That Inspires A Healthy Lifestyle.

Our Mission

To Create A Healthy Living Atmosphere Around You With Our Natural Himalayan Salt Products.

We Are Certified

EDI Compatible