Our Story




Take a step closer to nature by owning a Himalayan Salt Lamp. It was no less than a historic day, when we realized the significance of Pure Nature, through the invention of these fascinating salt products. Nature and mankind have an old relation which is inevitable and their journey begins right from the existence. Currently, due to the age of technology, we have drowned deep into the dilemma of this world that we do not realize our disconnection with nature. 

Saltean brings a speciality of Himalayan Salt products, in order to eliminate the gap between nature and mankind. Our products are crafted from the purest salt, excavated from the world’s highest peak-Himalayan Range.  These magical, pink salt crystals are hand chiseled and transformed into exquisite salt products.

Our primary and major concern is quality and we do not compromise as far as the quality measures are concerned. Saltean is directly engaged during the whole process of extracting salt to producing the final product.  Our products are free from any chemical processing; no harmful additives come across during the manufacturing process. We strive to serve our customers with the true essence of Himalaya. You can treat yourself with the most organic form of nature without going outdoors.  Our product range facilitates our customers indoors to cherish the blessings of nature at all times.