Our Story

Saltean has been established with the motive to provide exemplary services to customers and earn more than just money. Our commitment and the idea developed the Saltean as a project that will not just be a business like any other, but to capitalize on the availability of this gem, that is Khewra in the heart of Pakistan, and produce premium quality Himalayan salt products.

saltean chef secrete
There's more than one way to cook a meal through the Chef Secret range of edible Natural salt products. Give your meals the Himalayan salt-appeal.

Take care of your wellbeing as our Salt offers more than just taste. Dive into our range today so much is riding on your wellness.


Who said only humans can benefit from the best Himalayan Salt? Browse through our array of pure salt products. Because all the Top breeders recommend Mineral Licks!

We Are Certified

EDI Compatible
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